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    Development of new Competitive and Sustainable Bio-Based Plastics



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    Development of new Competitive and Sustainable Bio-Based Plastics


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    NewPack Consortium in Oulu, Finland, during project Kick-Off Meeting! Looking forward to three productive years ahead!




NEWPACK consortium has a good geographical and also cultural coverage across Europe that naturally provides an open-mindedness for the project on food packaging in general and related business opportunities, while enables access to several stakeholders and end-users providing essential feedback and promoting the project.

Formed by 3 higher education organisations, 1 non-profit association, 6 SMEs, 1 RTD, and 2 large enterprises, the consortium is well-balanced and each partner plays an important role in the present project.

Contact person: Niina Halonen: niina.halonen@oulu.fi

Contact person: Giorgia Spigno: giorgia.spigno@unicatt.it

Contact person: Marta Benito: mbenito@ctic-cita.es

Contact person: Brecht Vanlerberghe: brecht.vanlerberghe@bbeu.org

Contact person: María Carmen Villaran: mcarmen.villaran@tecnalia.com

Contact person: Marta Zaccone: marta.zaccone@proplast.it

Contact person: Berta Gonzalvo: bgonzalvo@tecnopackaging.com

Contact person: Kristiina Oksman: kristiina.oksman@ltu.se

Contact person: Arnaud Dauriat: arnaud.dauriat@quantis-intl.com

Contact person: Bianca Pop: bpop@tritecc.ro

Contact person: Diego Garrido – Vidal: d.garrido@riberebro.com

Contact person: Jaume Palau Clivillé: jaume.palau@argal.com

Contact person: David Aston: daston@exergy.uk.com